The Course Outline

Below you will find the offical outline of this year’s Level 1 English course, The Roaring 20’s with Mrs. Plunkett.

The Great Gatsby- An Analysis

Below is the task sheet that the class is working on to ensure they have a full understanding of our class novel, The Great Gatsby. Students are working individually on these tasks and will post

The Great Gatsby- An Exploration

This post is a reflection of the in class reading and activities we have been doing to help ourselves understand The Great Gatsby. It includes images from our classroom and the chapter tasks we have

The Great Gatsby: The Opening Page

  “Reserving judgement is a matter of infinite hope…” – Nick Carraway As we begin to read The Great Gatsby, there is an important point to note about our narrator, Nick Carraway before we get too far

Life in the Roaring 20’s

Before embarking on our exploration of The Great Gatsby, the class is delving into what life was like in 1920’s America. Below are the questions that the students came up with when I asked them what they

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