The Course Outline

Below you will find the offical outline of this year’s Level 1 English course, The Roaring 20’s with Mrs. Plunkett.

Unfamiliar Text Exam Resources

Everything you need to prepare for your 1.3 examination.

1.8- Significant Connections

The final assessment of this year is the significant connections which my class completes in essay format. It serves as the culmination of the entire years work and allows students to explore a connecting feature

Exam Revision

A post designed to help you prepare for your school exams and beyond!

1.5 Speech: Have I Got a Story for You…

The task for the NCEA Level 1 speaking assessment.

Editing and Proof Reading

Yesterday, we discussed some tips and tricks to editing your work. We also practiced proof reading for errors. The slides from this are below.

1.4 Creative Writing

The final task for our creative writing unit.

Creative Writing: Preparation

A summary of the tasks we have been doing over the past couple of weeks to develop our skills in setting the scene.


Fitzgerald’s Short Stories

Below you will find a collection of short stories written by Fitzgerald. You can access any of his work online in PDF form as none of his work falls under copyright anymore (he’s been deceased

The Great Gatsby- An Analysis

Below is the task sheet that the class is working on to ensure they have a full understanding of our class novel, The Great Gatsby. Students are working individually on these tasks and will post

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